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You might still think that online video is quite new and while it might be nice to use it, it’s not essential. I hear that a lot too, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Every single minute, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube so video is not new!

Video grabs attention like nothing else. While people generally won’t read everything you’ve written on a web page, they are very likely to click play on a video if there’s one on the page.


Video is the next best thing to talking to your prospect one to one. It allows you to convey emotion and personality. You can connect with the viewer through video and it lets them feel a more personal connection with you. They’ll almost feel like they’ve met you… and you can have this running automatically for every single person who visits your site.

We all have different learning styles and absorb information in different ways. Some people learn best through particular modalities, e.g. some people learn best by reading text, others absorb the message best if they hear it or if they see a visual representation. Using video allows you to hit multiple modalities so that 100% of your audience really ‘hears’ what you’re saying, regardless of their learning style.

Using video immediately sets you apart from the competition and elevates you to expert status. By talking about your field in online videos, you are positioning yourself as an authority. We are so conditioned to look up to people who are on screen, make a few videos and you’ll soon be a celebrity in your industry!


According to a study by Forrester Research, it is 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than it is to get a standard web page to rank on page one. I always teach and recommend ‘Leverged SEO‘ rather than SEO for SEO’s sake, and optimising your online videos is a perfect opportunity to leverage your marketing activites for an organic search boost. The easiest way to get started is to upload your video to YouTube and be sure to use relevant keywords in the video filename (before you upload it), the video title, description and tags.

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